TEE TEST: Chor Bazaar

India Stamp t-shirt by Chor Bazaar
India Stamp t-shirt by Chor Bazaar
India Stamp t-shirt by Chor BazaarIndia Stamp t-shirt by Chor Bazaar

"Through the act of Chory and appropriation, we initiate a Desi phenomenom." Don't worry, I'm not exactly sure what it means either

This is the mission statement of independent Brooklyn based tshirt label Chor Bazaar. While it may not make a lot of sense to most of us, it refers to the company's aim to create clothing items that are relevant to, and inspired by Desi (south Asian) life.

To be honest, I didn't expect too much when the guys from Chor Bazaar said they were going to send me a shirt for review. Their website seemed a little clumsy, and while graphically some of their designs are ok, there are some that really aren't so great.

However, when the package arrived from the states I was very pleasently surprised. What this company lacks in flashy websites and ground-breaking graphics they more than make up for in quality. Shirt, print and packaging quality are all top notch.

Product presentation and packaging was up to retail store standards - wrapped in plastic and beautifully tagged with printed card and string. Once i ripped the plastic off I noticed a whole bunch of nice little extras including a logo printed on the back of the neck and a sewn label on the bottom front.

The shirt itself is printed on an Alternative Apparel blank which has a great cut to it and is 100% cotton (and made in Honduras if you're interested). The quality of the screen printing could be a bit better, but I've seen heaps worse. My only real problem with the shirt is the sewn on Chor Bazaar logo on the bottom of the shirt - it's a really cool logo but the positioning is all wrong. When I put the shirt on it is almost right in the middle and, well, it just looks weird. It needs to be moved over about 6 inches...

All said and done, this is quite a nice shirt. While Chor Bazaar isn't going to be your first stop for amazing artistic tshirts, they do have a unique and interesting range that is worth checking out, especially if you want to celebrate Desi-ness.

RRP: $25 (US)

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