Commune Tshirts 2007

Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt
Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt
Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt

These days productivity is key. Although the digital age promised a reduction in human workload and more time for leisure, we now work, on average, more hours a day then anyone in the last 100 years. As a result many of us end up working several jobs, participating in assorted projects and squeezing our recreational pastimes in between. Labels release new lines of clothing every season, month or even week as time pressed customers vacate the pavements and hit the internet for a massive selection and to save precious minutes.

But there are exceptions. New Zealand label Commune releases only one series of tshirts per year, so when they do we get excited. Sure Commune founder Jeremy Bennett knows as well as anyone the stresses of multi-tasking, splitting his time between Commune and fulltime employment for architectural firm JASMAX. But when your label puts out stunning shirts by top artisits such as Catalina Estrada, Adam Cruickshank, Josh Gajownik and Ronald Kurniawan I guess you only need to release new stuff once a year.

Now if only I could get away with writing only one blog entry per year...

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